Harpreet Dosanjh

Service User Consultant

Real life experiences of inpatient stay over a number of years has made him an expert by experience. With a little bit hope Harpreet used his time in hospital very proactively and continues to do so in the community.

Harpreet went back to college to study Art, IT and Carpentry. In 2012, he won a Learner of the Year award with Kensington & Chelsea college.

He transferred his knowledge and skills into involvement work with West London Mental Health Trust. He became a big asset to the team. Now, he is co-editor of 'Inside Out' magazine.

Harpreet also works as facilitator and designer for the Forensic Recovery college. He co-produced 'Stepping stones' course. This allows him to make a meaningful contribution to the recovery of his peers, by preparing them for life post discharge. Harpreet sees himself as a role model and hopes others will follow his pathway in working for the Trust.

As a Consultant other doors have opened for him. For some time he has been working for New Bucks University. One of his roles is to act on a student nurse role play simulation exercise. This is very empowering and it allows Harpreet to be part of student development. 

Harpreet also collaborates with Real insight and speaks very highly of his mentor, supervisor and the whole team.